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in response to the calls for boycott against gofundme for refusing to remove the fundraiser supporting racist killer darren wilson, i would like to encourage people who wish to support my surgery fundraiser to donate via paypal (my email address is 

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i have created a new surgery fundraiser page on giveforward to raise the remainder of my fundraiser. my new surgery fundraiser page shows as its goal the remainder of the goal i have not yet raised with gofundme.

out of solidarity with the calls for a boycott against gofundme i will no longer be directing people to my gofundme page for the purpose of fundraising for my surgery.

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trans girl tails!! (also lineless art practice)


So apparently a lot of serial transmisogynists are slandering Laverne Cox for supporting Synthia China Blast, an incarcerated trans woman who has been working with the Sylvia Rivera Law Project on initiatives to end prison rape. Given that the people who have been spreading this shit have been routinely misgendering both Laverne Cox and Synthia China Blast and have been spreading blatant misinformation about Synthia that should be raising plenty of alarm bells for people but evidently given an incarcerated trans woman of color the benefit of the doubt and investigating her background is a lot more difficult than spreading commentators who consistently call trans women “male.”

(TW for rape, murder, death, transmisogyny, racism, pedophilia/csa and a whole bunch of other stuff).

This New York magazine article (tw: for rape, murder, death, sexual content, drug mention, t-slur, pedophilia/csa, etc. in the article) is a feature on Synthia China Blast and her husband Eddie Seda, whom she met in prison. Page 4 covers the background behind Synthia’s incarceration. To quote from the article (emphasis mine):

Synthia says she started to dress in “drags” on the sly and spent her time at Escuelita, a Manhattan gay club she’d discovered. Then, in August 1993, she says someone from the gang paged her and told her to report immediately: “I had to take off my makeup, pick up my van, and go clean up an apartment in the Bronx.” In her haste, she left her skirt on.

But when her mother heard that the police were looking for her, she persuaded Synthia to turn herself in.

During the trial, witnesses testified that Synthia and Carlos Franco, another Latin King member, committed the murder. They also claimed that Synthia had raped the girl, until one person let it slip that she had been wearing a skirt that night.They had to switch their story in the trial because how do you tell the jury that he had on a dress and then he was raping a girl?” Synthia says. “I’ve never had sex with a female in my life.”

Like, look at the situation: the witness who testified against her changed their story mid-trial. As such Synthia was never convicted of rape. I repeat, Synthia was never convicted of rape and the person who alleged that she had committed rape changed their story mid trial. Yet people are repeating the blatant lie that Synthia China Blast is a pedophiliac, necrophiliac rapist in an effort to defame her and Laverne Cox. Synthia was seen wearing a skirt by the alleged witness, how is it not completely obvious that the allegations of rape (which, again, vanished mid-trial) were an attempt to leverage transmisogyny to punish this woman as fully as possible? This is exactly the same trick of cisheteropatriarchal ideology used to paint cis queer people as perverse, hypersexed, dangerous murderers. Patriarchy takes the violence committed by men and projects it on to women, particularly lesbians and trans women. The fact that people will notice that the “violent lesbian” trope is lesbophobic but will ignore the fact that the same sleight of hand is being performed with the “violent trans woman” trope just evinces how deeply engrained transmisogyny is. And this is intensely magnified by white supremacy and the fact that both Synthia China Blast and the woman advocating for her are women of color. When you consider that the State loves to throw people of color into jail on trumped up charges, it may occur to you that Synthia is innocent of the murder of which she was convicted, as she has said! She is a woman who has been abused and incarcerated because of institutional racism and transmisogyny.

The reason feminism has always placed such an emphasis on believing accusations of rape and sexual assault is because rape culture systemically silences women who are raped by men. The reason women can be silenced like this is because of the structural power imbalance between men and women and men’s misogynistic oppression of women. In these instances, feminism says to listen to the person who suffers from oppression and cannot leverage structural power against he whom she accuses. Believing the lies about Synthia China Blast is not a fulfillment of this feminist tenant, it is an abuse of it. Synthia China Blast and Lavern Cox are trans women of color. The TWEFs running character assassination here are largely cis white people. TWOC are structurally oppressed by transmisogyny/cissexism and white supremacy/racism, both of which cis white people structurally benefit from. So when you believe and spread some sensationalist shit about Synthia China Blast being a murderous necrophiliac rapist and Laverne Cox being pro-rape culture you are perpetuating and enacting transmisogyny, racism, transmisogynoir, white supremacy and cissexism. When someone with structural privilege is leveraging rape accusations against a racialized trans woman like this, that is an act of violence predicated on the fact that in white supremacist, patriarchal fantasy trans women of color are already always guilty of being perverse and violent. That is transmisogyny and white supremacy in action.

A function of patriarchy is that it places the violence of men on trans women, and then uses the illusion of “violent trans women” to justify the violence against trans women. A function of white supremacy is that it places the violence of white people on to people of color, and then uses the illusion of the “violent POC” to justify violence against POC. These ideological functions compact and intensify in the case of trans women of color, so before you go spreading shit about a twoc who was raped at least twice in prison (tw: rape in that link obviously) and who has been placed in isolation “for her safety” to the detriment of her mental and physical health for a decade (this link contains a petition you can sign to help trans prisoners fyi) maybe consider the way power is operating when a bunch of white cis transmisogynists who insist on misgendering the victims of their bilious ire spread a lot of unfounded, sensational bullshit. They are trying to destroy a woman who is a rape survivor, who is stuck in a men’s prison without access to adequate treatment for her gender dysphoria, and the black woman who was brave enough to advocate for her when no one else would pay her any mind because structural transmisogyny and racism are things. Seriously, if routine transmisogynists are repeating lies and misgendering their targets, maybe it’s not about stoping rape culture, maybe it’s about perpetuating transmisogyny and white supremacy against two women they have immense structural power over.

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